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A vast majority of people have undergone health inspections. While the results of health inspections may shed light on health issues faced by a person. It could never tell exactly one's overall health condition. As result, far too many people are living with a false sense of well-being about their health until the day they fell ill, only to realize that they were not as healthy as they think they are. By that time, it could be a tad too late!

There Is No Life Without Monosaccharide

Interaction between human body cells (including brain cells, liver cells, kidney cells and etc.) along many other vital functions rely heavily in glyconutriens. Glyconutrients are essential to our body.

Activating the code to cellular health
Beta-glucan mainstream health industry

What is yLifeXtra-Plus? 

yLifeXtra-Plus Mushroom Beta-Glucan is a functional food and a biological response modifier (BRM). It activates natural killer cells (NK cell) and macrophages in your body so your immune system is strengthened to cope with harmful elements to your health.

functions of yLifeXtra

  1. Activate macrophages, NK cells, T-cells and fibroblasts 
  2. Increase secretion of cytokines and interferons 
  3. Enhance body's non-specific immunity and innate defences 
  4. Remove excess free radicals and anti-aging 
  5. Neutralize toxin and detoxify 
  6. Reduce toxicity of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine 
  7. Lower cholesterol level 
  8. Lower blood pressure level 
  9. Enhance insulin secretion and thus reduce symptoms of diabetes 
  10. Strengthen the function of internal organs 
  11. Reduce tumor cell metastasis
  12. Protect against harm of radiation, UV light or other pollutants 
  13. Aid in the growth of beneficial microbes in the gastrointestinal tract 
  14. Accelerate the wounds healing and reduce the occurrence of complications in surgery patients 
  15. Protect skin and muscles (against physical and chemical damage)

Benefits To Your Health

Testimonials of yLifeXtra-Plus

Read the real life testimonials of people who have benefitted from consuming yLifeXtra-Plus

The Ingredients of yLifeXtra-Plus

• 15 types of Mushroom or Mycelial Fungi
• 8 Monosaccharides
• 5 Nutrients

15 types of mycelial fungi (mushroom) inside yLifeXtra-Plus

8 Monosaccharides inside yLifeXtra-Plus


• Cell interaction, brain development, immunity regulation, anti- inflammation and anti-cancer


• Cell interaction, strengthen immunity, promote calcium absorption and brain functioning


• Strengthen immunity, anti-cancer, anti-rheumatism, wound healing, anti-inflammation, obstruction of cholesterol absorption and maintain balance of gut bacteria


• Anti-inflammation, tissues regeneration, anti-infection, anti-bacteria, anti-virus and anti-tumor

N-acetyl glucosamine

• Regulation of immune function, anti-cancer, cartilage repair, balance body hormones, gut relieve, regulation of insulin secretion and cholesterol absorption

N-acetyl galactosamine

• Cell interaction, anti-tumor, strengthen immunity and nerves protection

N-acetyl neuraminidase

• Regulation of immune function, anti-bacteria, anti-virus, memory boosting and regulation of behavior performance


• Anti-bacteria, anti-cancer and promote growth of probiotics

5 Nutrients inside yLifeXtra-Plus

Mushroom Beta-Glucan chelated calcium

• Chelated calcium does not directly affect the concentration of calcium in our bloodstream (chelated calcium will be released when the calcium level in our bloodstream is low)
• Chelated calcium does not require gastric acid for digestion and absorption (but it is absorbed directly by our small intestine)

Mushroom fibrinolytic enzymes

• Fibrinolytic enzymes can effectively remove thrombus of arteries or veins to improve and protect against cardiovascular disease
• Enhance the circulation or transportation of nutrients and oxygen in our blood stream to improve skin health and beauty

Mushroom lectin

• In addition to enhancing immunity and anti-tumor effects, mushroom lectin has the blood pressure-lowering effect, blood sugar-lowering effect, cholesterol-lowering effects and fighting against inflammation.

Nucleic acid (mushroom metabolites)

• Nucleic acid is an essential nutrient for maintaining normal immune function and regulation of immune system growth and metabolism

Trace minerals

• The amount of trace minerals are extremely small in human body, but they are essential for maintaining the body metabolism
• Excessive, inadequate or unbalanced in the intake of trace minerals can cause abnormalities or diseases in human body

Retail Price (In Malaysia)

RM 330 per box 

(contains 30 sachets, 2g per sachet)
* price above include shipping charges within Malaysia.
* terms & conditions apply.

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Serving Suggestion

Adults: Mix a packet (2g) with 200ml cold or warm water. Take before or after meal twice daily.
Children: Mix a packet (2g) with 200ml cold or warm water. Take before or after meal once daily.

Caution: Not for individuals who undergone organ transplant!

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool and dry place , below 25°C and avoid direct sunlight.

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