Common Visual Problems

• Myopia
• Dry eye syndrome
• Glaucoma 
• Cataract
• Retinopathy
• Macular degeneration
• Conjunctivitis due to contact lens allergy 

Our eyes & brain have to work closely together to function perfectly. However, these two organs are vulnerable to damage due to internal or external factor. When this happens several symptoms will arise, such as tears, aches, congestion, impaired vision, blindness or subconjunctival hemorrhage. The occurrence of these symptoms indicates that our eyes are in distress and is in need of immediate medical attention.

Most of us are inclined to believe that visual abnormalities are caused by abnormal changes in our eyes. We tend to correct these problems by wearing glasses. However, this is a misconception. In fact, abnormalities of the nerve and blood circulatory system, mental health, lifestyle and even hereditary factors may cause visual problems.

Eye diseases can occur at any stage of life due to the differences of growth, age, occupation and other forms of exposure. Therefore, it is very important to understand the root cause of our eye problems if we want to keep our eyes at tip-top condition. Solving these root cause will keep eyes problems away. As the saying goes 'prevention is better than cure'.

Our Eyes

Our eyes send out about 36,000 nerve impulses to our brain every hour and our brain has to process an average of 864,000 nerve impulses via a highly delicate and complicated process. Our eyes are also exposed to UV rays, air pollutants or blue light from computers.

Our vision will be impaired if we do not reinvigorate them with proper care and nourishment. Like our body parts, it is crucial to supply our eyes with continuous flow of blood to provide them with sufficient nourishment while eliminating metabolic wastes in order to maintain the wellbeing of our eyes.

If you experience this, time to take V-yes

1. Do you feel pangs of pain when you roll your eyeballs ?

2. Do you experience sore eyes ?

3. Do you experience unusual tearing ?

4. Do you experience sudden blurred vision ?

What Is V-yes?

V-yes contains a unique blend of black bean hull extract, zeaxanthin extract, bilberry extract, vitamin C and the most precious one, FloraGLO Lutein.

FloraGLO Lutein is a mixture of plant-derived lutein and zeaxanthin. These two carotenoids are found in high concentration in the macular, a small area of the retina responsible for central vision. They are beneficial especially for improving visual performance for those suffering from astigmatism, presbyopia, myopia, dry eyes and cataracts.


LUTEIN has the ability to save thousands of people's eyesight. LUTEIN has been clinically proven by five top-ranked ophthalmology hospitals in the United States Harvard University researchers and the U. S. Department of Health & Human Services to be beneficial to eyesight and good for prevention and treatment of cataract and conjunctivitis.

• Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital
• Harvard University Ophthalmology
• Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary research group
• Milwaukee Medical School of Wisconsin
• U. S. Department of Health and
• University of Illinois at Chicago
• Human Services Retinal research group
• Baltimore Md.Wilmer Eye Institute 

The differences between FloraGLO Lutein & food Lutein:

FloraGLO Lutein

Digestion upon absorption: Pure form of Lutein, does not need to be digested
Absorption efficiency: High
Price: High
Patented: Yes

Food Lutein

Digestion upon absorption: Need to be enzymatically digested from lutein ester before absorption
Absorption efficiency: Low
Price: Low
Patented: No

What's so special about FloraGLO

FloraGLO utilizes a unique extraction technology from the U.S. to yield the purest and finest form of lutein that can be absorbed directly by the body. This unique characteristic of lutein helps it to achieve higher levels efficacy.

• Free from traces of heavy metal, chemicals & pesticides
• The purest and finest form of lutein
• Can be absorbed by the small intestine directly without digestion 

Ingredients & Health Benefits of V-yes

Black Bean Hull Extract

Ingredient (1)

• Extract from seed coat of black beans
• Rich in antioxidants: Anthocyanin and Vitamin A
• Aid in relieving eye strain and preventing waning vision

Lutein Extract

Ingredient (2)

• The best antioxidant
• Decrease the risk of age-related eyes problems
• The only carotenoid present in the lens: To protect the eyes from damage caused by UV rays and free radicals
• Prevent and delay cataract formation, protect capillaries as well as maintain blood circulation in the eyes

Bilberry Extract

Ingredient (3)

• Replete with anthocyanin: To relieve eye strain and eye fatigue as well as improve blurred vision
• Increase the eyes’ sensitivity to light and improve night vision
• Anthocyanin helps in the protection and maintenance of connective tissues of eyes (this can help diabetic patients because their blood capillaries of eyes are fragile and susceptible to breakage, bleeding, oozing out of fluid or edema and are prone to retinopathy)
• Helps to avoid blood capillaries damage while alleviating retinopathy by ensuring that the eyes obtain adequate blood supply

Zeaxanthin Extract

Ingredient (4)

• One of the sources of vitamin A (highly potent antioxidant)
• Protecting eye tissues from oxidative damage and also protect our eyes from damages caused by UV rays and free radicals
• Beneficial for the prevention of age-related macular degeneration, cataract and intima-media thickening
• Improve retinitis pigmentosa, reduce chromatic aberration and protecting eye tissues from oxidative damages

Vitamin C

Ingredient (5)

• Have antioxidant and anti-aging function (helps to increase the skin tissue's resistance to UV rays)
• Help to strengthen blood capillaries to avoid in fragile blood capillaries and blood-related conditions such as recurrent conjunctival haemorrhage, eyelid subcutaneous hematoma, retinal haemorrhage and exophthalmos (protrusion of eyeballs)
• Aid in decreasing the risk of cataract formation and slowing down the aging process of eye tissues and increases the rate or wound healing 

Retail Price (In Malaysia)

RM 330 per box 

(contains 30 sachets, 3g per sachet)
* Price above include shipping charges within Malaysia.
* Terms & conditions apply.

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Serving Suggestion

* Suitable for all ages. Before or after meals
Adults : Mix a packet (3g) with 200ml cold or warm water. Take twice daily.
Children : Mix a packet (3g) with 200ml cold or warm water. Take once daily.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool and dry place , below 25°C and avoid direct sunlight.

Supplier / Manufacturer Of V-yes Product

V-yes is a health supplement product produced and marketed by:

Co.No. (678457-H) (AJL 931619)


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