Want to join as a member/distributor of RF3World (Philippines)

You have experienced the benefits of consuming RF3World products to your health as a user, so what about taking one more step forward to join our team of members and distributors to share this story with your own network?

Benefits to become a RF3World member/ distributor

⇨ You can enjoy member discount for subsequent purchases of RF3World products


⇨ You can sell and distribute RF3World products as a business

Bonuses & Rewards

⇨ You can enjoy attractive bonuses & rewards as a RF3World distributor


⇨ You can attend FREE training classes & seminars to help you to grow your business

Extra benefits to become a RF3World distributor of Team AuntieCare

We have gone through the long and tedious learning cycle to become a RF3World distributor in the process to master the necessary company, product and marketing skills. We have made it simple for you, if you join as a RF3World distributor under Team Auntiecare.

Team Auntiecare is an online business. We promote, market and sell the RF3World products through the world wide web and social media, not just limited to the conventional house parties or face-to-face meetings. This business model is most suited for the busy housewives and part-timers who have a permanent job. 

Let us become your sponsor to your RF3World membership application.

Your Own Webpage As A RF3World Distributor

⇨ You get your own webpages for FREE as what you see here, but with your name & contact number imprinted, so all the leads and orders will go to you for all the visitors to your own webpages. See example here >>.

unlimited and updated brochures for FREE

⇨ You can now distribute unlimited and always updated product brochures for FREE (limited to PDF copies) to your customers and share it easily online or via social media. Your product webpages are your online brochure! 
See example here >>.

Assistance to Fulfilment 

⇨ We can assist and guide you to handle the fulfilment of orders to your customers and members. 

Technical Support

⇨ We can help you to handle difficult and technical questions on your customers' questions on the product and marketing plan.

Access to Auntiecare.com FAQ

⇨ FREE access and use of Auntiecare.com FAQ and all the online resources so you can speed up your learning cycle as a new RF3World distributor.

coaching & Guidance

⇨ FREE coaching from Team Auntiecare from time to time. We do not leave you alone as your success is our success.

By joining Team Auntiecare, you will get all these extra benefits FREE.

⇨ You can start your RF3World business right away, online!

⇨ You have your own webpage as a RF3World distributor.
⇨ No need to bring any brochures to see customers. 
⇨ You just need a smartphone or iPad to do the selling and ordering.

But I am new to online selling

No worry. If you are not familiar or new to the Internet, social media or all the digital technologies and tools you need to start your online selling of RF3World products, 
we will guide you and help you as a team.

How to become a RF3World member/distributor

Once you have purchased one membership PACKAGE of the RF3World products (Firmax3, O2max3 or Soulmax3), you will automatically be entitled to become a member and a distributor of RF3World. No additional annual membership fee.

Note:  There are 3 types of membership packages - Diamond (7 sets), Gold (3 sets) or Emerald (1 set). One SET consists of 2 boxes of RF3World product (Firmax3, O2max3 or Soulmax3). For details, please contact us or read more at our FAQ.


If you are serious about running the RF3World distributor business for the long term, we STRONGLY recommend you to invest and become a DIAMOND member NOW. No annual membership fee.

Membership can not be upgraded (from Emerald/Gold to Diamond) in future. The bonuses and commissions for a DIAMOND level distributor in future is worthwhile compared to your initial investment NOW. 


More questions?

Click to send us a WhatsApp message NOW for further enquiry on RF3World membership and distributorship.  We will reply you shortly.