Macrobiotics Diet For Health

Prozyme is the only product that combines both enzymes and probiotics which is a
breakthrough in the scientific research of human digestive system. Prozyme is capable in alleviating digestive problems.

Our Digestive System

Our digestive system plays an important role in nutrient absorption of our body. The entire digestive process starts with food intake and food break down which occur in our mouth and stomach, respectively. The nutrients are absorbed in our intestines before the waste products are eliminated through the rectum. The main organs in our digestive system include the mouth, stomach, small and large intestines, liver and pancreas.

The efficiency of food digestion and nutrient absorption depends on the amount of enzymes and probiotics in our body and can only work effectively when there is sufficient enzymes and probiotic. Insufficient enzymes and probiotics will eventually cause damage to our digestive system, and lead to many gastrointestinal diseases such as gastritis, abdominal bloating, constipation, diarrhea, intestinal inflammation, etc. Finally, its damage will extend to other body systems and affect our health. In short, our digestive system is closely related to various systems in our body.

Medical reports show that 95% of infectious and non-infectious diseases are highly associated with our digestive system. Unhealthy gastrointestinal tract not only causes gastrointestinal diseases but also other systems and organs diseases in our body. Therefore, maintaining sufficient enzymes and probiotics is important to build a healthy digestive system.

Functions of Prozyme

Improve our digestive system and intestinal environment

Promote nutrient absorption by body cells

Activate cellular vitality

Neutralise excess free radicals

Benefits of Prozyme


Promote Healthy Intestinal Environment

There are more than 100 trillion microorganisms survive in our gastrointestinal tract, namely the "good bacteria", "bad bacteria" and "intermediary bacteria". A CLEAN and HEALTHY intestinal environment should be dominated by "good bacteria" which are produced through fermentation in our gastrointestinal tract. Consumption of Prozyme will gradually increase the "good bacteria" in our intestines, thus improving the health of our intestinal environment.


Promote Body

Prozyme enhances nutrient absorption capacity in our digestive system and accelerates the waste excretion, regulating the movement of body cells. Consuming Prozyme will improve our body metabolism.


Promote Skin

Aging of human skin is caused by the gradual decline of the body's metabolism, which in turn is caused by an increase in age. Therefore, consuming Prozyme will promote our body's metabolism and have a significant effect in improving skin health.

World Renowned Formula

Fermentation of naturally grown plant
Formulated in Japan

The ingredients of Prozyme originated from Pantanal Conservation Area, UNESCO World Heritage Site in Brazil. Prozyme is specially formulated with pesticide-free and naturally grown plants such as grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, wild plants and seaweeds which are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, organic amino acid and enzymes. Prozyme is a unique product formulated specially to balance and regulate human digestive system.

Fermentations Process Of Prozyme

3 stages of fermentations + 4th-stage of enhancement (By multifunctional beta-glucan)

Ingredients for Prozyme are grown by using

Wonder Water of The World

Plants used as ingredients for Prozyme are grown by using spring water from the aquifer 1500m beneath underground of Brazilian's farm which was formed 350 years ago. The water from aquifer has balanced minerals and able to dissolve excess fat on the intestinal wall. These plants will first go through primary fermentation then secondary fermentation where yeast and Lactobacillus acidophilus are added.

High Energy Land Yields Giant Lotus Leaf

Upon completion of the secondary fermentation, the fermented mixture will be added to Acetobacter within the natural environment of the farm and brewed for six months to complete the tertiary fermentation. At the final fermentation, a complex of multifunctional beta-glucan will be added to produce the superior Prozyme. 

Prozyme is one of the purest and most heat-tolerant enzymes available in the market compared to those that are produced through two stages of fermentations. Ultimately, the enzyme activity and efficacy of Prozyme can be maintained even under high temperature.

Retail Price (In Malaysia)

RM 330 per box 

(contains 25 sachets, 5g per sachet)
* Price above include shipping charges within Malaysia.
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Serving Suggestion

Adults : Mix a packet (5g) with 200 ml cold or warm water. Take before or after meal, twice daily.
Children : Mix a packet (5g) with 200 ml cold or warm water. Take before or after meal, once daily.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool and dry place , below 25°C and avoid direct sunlight.

Supplier / Manufacturer Of Prozyme Product

Prozyme is a health supplement product produced and marketed by:

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