Do you know This Fact About Water

We need to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily!

• 60-70% of our body, in average, is made up of water. 
• 20-30% of our bones are made up of water. 
• 60-70% of our skin is made up of water.
• 70-80% of our liver is made up of water.
• 75-80% of our heart, muscle and brain are made up of water. 
• 80-85% of our lung and kidney are made up of water. 
• 80-90% of our blood is made up of water. 

What are Free Radicals

By-product of body metabolism

Unstable molecules

Oxidise and damage human body cells

How Are Free Radicals Being Produced?

• Processed Food
• Pesticides
• Chlorine
• UV Lights
• X-rays
• Pollutions
• Stress
• Smoking
• Medication

Impacts Of Free Radicals On Human Body

Damage body cells 

Weaken immune system 

Accelerate the body aging 

Induce variety of chronic diseases

How To Eliminate Free Radicals

How do the intakes of hydrogen water help to eliminate free radicals from our body?

Combination of Hydrogen Molecules and Free Radical
Hydrogen water combines with the hydroxyl radicals (free radicals) and neutralise into harmless water molecules
Excretion of Free Radicals
The Free Radicals are excreted out of our body as urine or sweat

What Is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water is water infused with hydrogen.
• The smallest molecules which can be absorbed easily by the body
• It can even penetrate our brain cells 
• It is neutral, colourless and tasteless 
• The best natural antioxidant

Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Help in blood circulation 

Improve body metabolism

Improve digestive system 

Help in constipation


Improve memory

Reduce skin allergies

Reduce risk of chronic diseases 


Help in repair of damaged tissue

Features of Sayen H2Life Hydrogen Water Pot

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1. Light weight & portable

• Easy-to-carry and convenient to bring to anywhere

2. Easy to maintain

• Easy to wash and clean due to simple structure

3. Easy to install

• Simple installation by yourself (DIY)

4. Safe

• Fresh & safe water quality

5. Sterilisation function

• For cleaning purpose

6. Eco-friendly material

• BPA free (no Bisphenol A)

7. Smart touch

• You can get high quality of water with smart touch

8. Advanced technology

• Advanced hydrogen water pot technology imported from Korea

9. Economic

• Power saving feature to save your electricity bill

10. Elimination of Ozone (O3)

• Pure hydrogen water (No Ozone/O3)

Retail Price (In Malaysia)

CP: RM5,180

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