Golden Vision Eye Patch

The first medical grade eye patch in China
Myopia • Hyperopia • Cataract • Presbyopia • Eye Fatigue • Eye Bags • Dark Circles • Crow's Feet

Main ingredients

Pure herbal extract from Chinese herbal medicine.
Golden Vision Eye Patch contains 36 kinds of Chinese herbal extracts such as natural borneol, sarcophagus, salvia, angelica, tonka, cassia seed, wild chrysanthemum, cork, codonopsis, medlar, medlar, mint, berberine, green tea, vitamin A, vitamin E, and other pure natural active beauty ingredients.

How Does It Work?

Golden Vision Eye Patch contains Chinese medicine active ingredient, has strong skin penetration capability, stimulating acupuncture points, clearing eyesight and relieving pain,  improving blood circulation, clearing "eye garbage", promoting  metabolism of eyeball, and enhancing antioxidant capacity and fundamentally inhibiting the occurrence of senile eye diseases.

(1) Accelerate eye capillary metabolism through periocular application
(2) Improve eye microcirculation
(3) Supplement eye nutrition through targeted external osmosis
(4) Clear "eye garbage" and relieve eye fatigue

The Four Processes Enabled by Golden Vision Eye Patch

(1) Dissolve

The active ingredient of the plant extracts enter the ocular tissue, oxidize with free radicals and dissolve the lens denatured turbidity.

(2) Nebulize

The plant extracts quickly smash the haze plaque and nebulize it.

(3) Moisturize

Remove the diseased objects in the eyes, moisturize the eye tissue and restore the physiological function of the lens.

(4) Restore

Remove free radicals from the eye, restore your eyes to their original functions, and regain healthy and bright eyes.

Just give 15 minutes a day to care for the whole family with Golden Vision Eye Patch. It is designed for your eyes with our love!

Suitable For

Protect Eyesight & vision of Youths

Prevent adolescent myopia, amblyopia, visual fatigue, vision loss and other eye problems and protect the young people's vision and good eyesight.

Relieve eye problems of office workers

Relieve eye fatigue, dry eyes, itching and other eye discomforts that most officer workers experience. Their eyes are refreshed and becoming bright, moist and full of vitality.

Prevent senile eye disease in Elders

Help to prevent senile eye diseases such as red eyes, presbyopia, cataracts, and floaters in the elders.

Effective Time

There is a saying in the Chinese medicine practice that "a hundred days for a full course of treatment" or 3 months for a full course of treatment. We recommend customers with eye problems to insist on applying eye patch for at least one month, three packs per day for the best effects!

Students with myopia, hyperopia and amblyopia

15 minutes: The Chinese herbal extracts are administered transdermally and is effective through acupressure and penetration.

7 days: Significantly relieve dry eye,  itching, pain, frequent blinking and other symptoms caused by myopia.

28 days: Start to reverse myopia and gradually reduce the degree.

Use for 3 months: pseudo-myopia below 200 degrees, can be restored to the normal level.

Myopia above 300 degrees: It is recommended to apply 3 packs per day, persistently and do not need to change myopia eyeglass.

Computer workers, mobile phone users, game enthusiasts who are over-exposed to blue ray

15-20 minutes: Effective for relieving eye fatigue, itching, photophobia and other symptoms of eye discomforts. 

3 days: Signs of vision loss, vertigo, frequent blinking are significantly relieved.

7 days: Start to love with eye patch and the comforts and reliefs it brings.

Middle-aged and elderly patients with eye diseases

• Keep using it 3 times a day. Effective for eye diseases, presbyopia, floaters, vitreous opacity, macular degeneration, optic atrophy. Take care for eye health of the elders and give the elderly a pair of bright eyes.

Reactions to using eye patch

Feel hot

Your eye meridians are dredging!

Feel cooling

The heat in your eyes are clearing away and detoxification happening.

Feel Itchy

Your eyes are dry and tired!

Feel watery

Your eyes are too moist!

Feel Numb

There is pain in your eyes!

Feel painful

Your eye meridians are blocked!

feel "Spicy"

Your eye are severely fatigued, and there may be invisible inflammation that needs attention!

Feel Nothing

Your eye problems are not very serious or your eye absorption is slow.

Why is Golden Vision Eye Patch better than eye drops?

Safety is the key difference between Golden Vision eye patch and eye drops. The eye patch is percutaneously administered, through the acupoint penetration, directly to the eye area and the eye itself. The pure natural Chinese medicine essence ensures the nutrient supply needed by the eye, helps in eye diseases, relieves eye discomfort and eye fatigue. In general, eye drops products are often added with hormones and preservatives for an instant effect, and if they are used for a long time, it may result in dependence and the eye condition may get worsened.

How To Use

1. Clean your hands and skin around your eyes with a wet tissue or water before use;
2. Take out a pack of Golden Vision Eye Patch, tear the package from the gap;
3. Find a suitable position (lie down or sit down), remove the eye patch;
4. Close your eyes, apply the eye patch to the lower edge of the eyebrows, both sides of the nose so that it is in full contact with the skin;
5. Rest for 15 to 20 minutes, relax your body and mind, enjoy the cool feelings brought to your eyes by the eye patch;
6. Remove the eye patch and recommend closing your eyes for 2 to 3 minutes before opening your eyes. You can feel your eyes are cool, comfortable, relaxed and bright.

The following eye patients are NOT suggested to use Eye Patch

Inflammatory eye patients and those with damaged eyes should NOT use the eye patch. Patients with "red eye" (infectious conjunctivitis) or acute keratitis should not cover their eyes directly with the eye patch, but instead can use the eye patch to wipe around the eyes.

Retail Price (In Malaysia)

RM 298 per box 

(contains 100 packs, 1 pair per pack)
* Price above include shipping charges within Peninsula Malaysia.
* terms & conditions apply.

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Use Method

Place the eye patch onto the eyes. Leave it for 15-20 minutes.

Shelf life

Shelf life is 24 months from the date of production. 

Supplier / Manufacturer Of Golden Vision Eye Patch Product

GVEP is a health product produced and marketed by:

Weihai Lianhe Online Ecommerce Co.,Ltd. (China)


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