• Lifting & Firming Cream
• Hormone Balancing Cream
• A Multi-Purpose Health and Beauty Cream for the whole family
• Topical (non-oral) Application - Apply cream to your skin, face & other parts of body surface
• Japan Nanotechnology - for better absorption of nutrients through the skin or body surface

The Magic & Miracle Of Firmax3

The natural ingredients in Firmax3 cream provide 3 key functions, which make it so magical and miracle according to the users’ testimonies.

In essence, Firmax3 helps to (1) balance/regulate our hormones (2) help our blood circulation (3) increase oxygen in our blood.

A lot of common health and beauty problems, especially those related to our skin, face, hormone, blood or body weight, are due to hormone in-balance or blood circulation in our body. Once your hormone system is regulated or balanced by Firmax3 (meaning the production of hormone in your own body is back to the normal level by itself) and the blood circulated smoothly in your body with sufficient oxygen and nutrients, the metabolism of your body just run well and normal. By that time, all the other symptoms such as pain, ache, ulcer or itchiness of your skin or other body parts will just go away!

Benefits of Firmax3

As A Facial Cream

  • Lighten dark spots, scars, marks and pigmentation
  • Clear blemishes, acne and pimples
  • Smoothen overall facial complexion

As A Body Skincare Cream

  • Help to relieve body discomfort from insect bites, prickly heat, burns, bruises, allergy, wounds & rashes
  • Improve dry, itchy and flaky skin & scalp
  • Smoothen rough skin & dark spots (armpit,  nape, neck, groin, bikini line)

As An Anti-Aging Cream

  • Lift and firm saggy skin due to aging
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

As A Body Contouring Cream

  • Lift bust and butt
  • Tighten abdomen
  • Firm and tone sagged arms and legs
  • Shape waist line

Key Ingredients of Firmax3

The individual active natural ingredient of Firmax3 has its own specific functions & benefits. When combined together, they produce a synergy that produce remarkable, multiplying, miraculous results and benefits.

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Kegelia Africana is also known as the “Sausage Tree” that is commonly grown and found in the Africa sub-continent. This fruit is found by the African locals to be helpful in the recovery of some diseases and it is used as a traditional medicine, such as cure for arthritis and gouts, snake bites,  psoriasis, eczema, sun burns and other skin diseases.

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Retail Price (In Malaysia)

CP: RM 330 per set (West Malaysia)
RM 340 per set (East Malaysia)

(contains 2 bottles, 30g net wt per bottle)
* price above exclude any shipping charges if applicable.
* terms & conditions apply.

Membership Package Pricing

Emerald Package (1 set of Firmax3) @ RM330
Gold Package (3 sets of Firmax3) @ RM990
Diamond Package (7 sets of Firmax3) @ RM2310
One SET consists of 2 bottles of Firmax3
Package comes with free perpetual membership
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Direction to Use

For topical use only. Apply the cream at the face, neck or any body surfaces, preferably at the pulse points, where appropriate, 2 times a day. In the morning and at night before sleep. 

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

Supplier / Manufacturer Of Firmax3 Product

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