Our Story

How we start Auntiecare and why. What we are going to do next.

Auntiecare.com was started as a small home-based eCommerce business by a wife-and-husband team - Serene and Alvin, in early 2017. We started to sell health products online at the popular Marketplaces like Lazada, 11Street and Shopee for the Malaysia market. That's how we get started.

Serene was a full time housewife for close to 15 years after she retired from her full-time career, just like many aunties in Malaysia (and Asia), to take care of the babies, kids and household. She was tertiary educated with a degree in Economics. She is passionate in and love the subjects of family health, herbal and natural products, traditional Chinese medicine and alternate treatment.

Alvin was an engineer by training and have more than 20 years of professional experience in the ICT and Internet space. He is multi-lingua, proficient in languages, good at writing, documentation and story-telling skill and as his hobby,  just love to surf the Internet to google, collect and compile some boring but useful data out of the sea-of-data. 

How the name come about

We registered this domain name of auntiecare.com, created its logo and formally started our first online sales around Feb 2017. Why "auntie"? Who is "auntie"?

In (most parts of) Asia, we usually address a female adult that you know who is older than you, may or may not be your direct relative (could be a stranger on the street), most probably someone who is married and have kid(s), as "auntie" or "aunty" (中文 - 安娣). In Europe or USA, people probably use this term instead - “Madam”.

In general, we perceive an auntie as an “older” female adult, experienced in life, wiser, caring, loving and more knowledgeable about household and family matters. In terms of age, there is no hard definition here. But generally we address someone as auntie if they are above 30/40 years old. And most likely, the "aunties" are housewife too.

When you come to matters that concern the most for a family, such as health, well-being, finance, education for children and all-the-family-matters, it is the "auntie" (the wife, the mother) who is in charge. They are the one who influence, decide or dictate, in most cases 😄😄😄. This is what we call - The Auntie Power.

From the business perspective, it is a wise and smart decision to target at the aunties! After all, it is usually the wife or the mother, who control the purse of the family spending. But, you must first take care of the aunties. 

How we do it? We see the trend of more and more aunties going online, connected to the Internet, savvy in social media and active in online community. So, we just make it simple for the aunties to browse through the sea of Internet,  with the endless and tiresome search in Google, trying to look for the info they need instantly. 

And who know the best the needs of an Auntie? Of course, it is the Auntie. We hope we can make Auntiecare the platform of choice for the aunties community, in Malaysia and may be beyond, in the future.

What's Next

What are we going to do moving forward with Auntiecare.com?

Honestly speaking, we started Auntiecare.com website as a small business with a simple aim - to make some money for our retirement and for our kids education expenses. That's it.

But along the way, we see the why-not. Why not make Auntiecare.com more than just an eCommerce venture or a webstore, as we do have accumulated a fair amount of useful information to share among the aunties. 

In the older days, the source of info sharing, latest happening around the town or latest gossip, come from the Pasar ! Aunties went to the pasar (or bazaar), not just to buy foods and groceries, but most important, that environment served as the "platform" for the aunties to share, connect, exchange info, socialise or even to do business!

In the pre-Internet era, aunties who have retired into full-time housewife role, would ultimately lose touch to the outside world, to the larger society and to the business world and happenings around them as they are forced to confine themselves into their household environment only. But, today with the accessible-and-affordable Internet, mobile device and smartphone, and the high speed 3G/4G/WiFi and what-not, aunties are reconnected to the world again, at anytime, anywhere. The technologies have helped to bring back freedom to the aunties.

Our vision is to make Auntiecare as the platform of choice to connect more aunties from offline world to the online community. Not just to gossip, but to share info, exchange idea, seek opinion and advice, or do business and make money! If the Internet is like a library of data with no boundary, Google is the tool for us to search through this sea of data, than we just want to make Auntiecare a simple table-of-contents (TOC) for the data related to-the-aunties and for-the-aunties. We make it simple for the aunties.

Our little vision. Let's prove this together - 

Looking For Partner, Talent & Investor

Yes. We do have a big plan for Auntiecare.com but we do know we can't do it alone. 

We are always on the look out for long term business partners to collaborate, to supply us with good products and services for the well-being of auntie communities but at a reasonable price; and to inject new business idea and new model of doing business for the aunties, by the aunties.

We are always on the look out for young entrepreneur talents, and most importantly, the talented aunties, who are aligned and shared with our vision for this project to join the team. So we can accelerate and expand the scope of this platform. After all, we are a close-to-100 wife-and-husband team. We need young people, fresh ideas and higher energy to make this happen. 

Lastly, we do understand No Money No Talk. We are self-funded now and we need injection of new funding to complete this journey. We are keen to explore various options of funding and investment to help strengthen our financial position and to give us the "final-push" we need to make this platform's vision into a reality. 

Please contact us. We look forward to that. We are happy to chat with you more on this.

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