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" In Asia, we usually address a female adult who is older than you, may or may not be your direct relative (could be a stranger on the street), most probably someone who is married and have kid(s), as "auntie" or "aunty". In general, an auntie is regarded as a female adult older than us, more experienced than us in life, wiser, caring, loving and more knowledgeable about household matters and family wellbeing. "

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Visit our webstore on the healthcare & beauty care products we sell online. We only sell products that are natural, herbal and organic.

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Visit our knowledgebase, FAQ and help center for topics that are related to the aunties such as health, beauty & family wellbeing. We share interesting news, useful tips and inspiring contents for the aunties by Word Of Mouth but over the Internet. 

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Visit our referral sites for the good product and services offers related to the aunties. We share these referral programs with the aunties to make some extra income.

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Visit our collection of recommendations by the aunties. We recommend to you where to eat, what to buy, what is good for your children, and other things that are beneficial to the aunties. 

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Share latest topic of interest and happening in our FAQ, blog, social media & community


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Check out useful referrals you may want to get for yourself or make some money

Motherhoods Rewards is Malaysia’s Top Parenting Marketplace for parenting journey, from maternity, baby to kids. Share and invite your friends to shop and get rewarded with cash and credit points.

White Coffee Market Share ‘n Earn Referral

A one-stop online white coffee shop for all white coffee lover- fruity white coffee, gourmet flavoured white coffee, healthy white coffee, trendy white coffee, and more.

SiteGiant Affiliate Program

Earn commissions up to RM168 per sale by joining the affiliate program. Just JOIN AND REFER, and once someone signs up SiteGiant via your referral, you get paid a commission.

SAGE Refer & Earn

Refer any business to Sage and when your referral is successful, you will be rewarded with US50 for Sage Small Business Solutions and US 200 – US 500 for Sage Scale Up and Enterprise Solutions.

What We Recommend

Find out latest things recommended by the aunties and for the aunties


List of recommended tuition websites, tuition centres and private tutors for our kids tuition

Confinement Care

List of recommended modern confinement centers available now in Malaysia, other than the conventional confinement ladies and mother-care

Where To Eat

List of recommended makan places like food stalls, food courts, hawker centres and restaurants to eat with your friends and family

Where To Buy

List of recommended online stores, eCommerce sites and eMarketplaces to buy your stuffs

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